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Omni channel marketing

Omni Channel marketing

Experience seamless customer outreach with Qubriux’s omni-channel marketing. Maximize engagement across diverse channels effortlessly. Tailor campaigns for personalized and impactful interactions.

  • Unified Outreach Across Diverse Channels
  • Tailored Campaigns for Impactful Interactions
  • Elevate Customer Relationships with Seamless Engagement

    Loyalty and Rewards Program

    Maximize customer value with Qubriux’s loyalty and rewards program. Drive repeat orders and enhance lifetime value effortlessly. Create personalized, tier-based programs for enduring customer loyalty and increased engagement.

    • Drive Repeat Orders, Boost Engagement
    • Personalized Tier-Based Programs for Loyalty
    • Maximize Customer Value with Ease
    Loyalty and rewards program
    Hyper personalized offers

    Hyper-Personalised Offers

    Elevate customer engagement with Qubriux’s hyper-personalized offers—tailor promotions based on individual preferences, ensuring relevance. Leverage AI-driven insights for optimized cross-selling and upselling, creating meaningful interactions and driving increased revenue.

    • Tailor Offers to Individual Preferences
    • Optimized Cross-Selling and Upselling Strategies
    • Drive Revenue with Meaningful Interactions


    Enhance customer engagement through Qubriux’s segmentation. Utilize pre-built journey mapping for a comprehensive 360° customer view. Intelligently segment customers from various touchpoints, enabling targeted engagement and effective loyalty programs.

    • Comprehensive 360° Customer View Mapping
    • Intelligent Segmentation for Targeted Engagement
    • Enhance Loyalty Programs with Precision

    Automated campaigns

    Streamline customer engagement effortlessly with Qubriux’s automated campaigns. Personalize promotions on personal event, win back lost customers, and efficiently A/B test campaign strategies for optimal results. Simplify your marketing strategies with ease.

    • Personalize Promotions, Celebrate Customer Birthdays
    • Win Back Lost Customers Effectively
    • Efficient A/B Testing for Optimal Results

    Predictive Analysis

    Empower decision-making with Qubriux’s predictive analysis. Identify at-risk customers, proactively implement retention measures, and leverage AI-generated insights for comprehensive analytics. Simplify complex data into actionable strategies for enhanced customer understanding and accelerated revenue growth.

    • Identify At-Risk Customers for Retention
    • Leverage AI-Generated Insights for Analytics
    • Simplify Complex Data for Actionable Strategies

    Text and Feedback Analysis

    Elevate customer insights with Qubriux’s NLP-based surveys. Collect and analyze feedback from various channels, gaining valuable sentiments. Smartly segment customers based on preferences and serve them individually, enhancing the overall customer experience.

    • Collect and Analyze Valuable Customer Feedback
    • Smart Segmentation Based on Customer Preferences
    • Enhance Overall Experience with Personalization


    Collaborate and innovate with Qubriux’s co-marketing. Propagate complementary offers strategically to enrich customer experiences. Monetize loyalty, open new markets, and seize growth opportunities by partnering with businesses. Accelerate your brand presence in dynamic markets.

    • Strategic Propagation of Complementary Offers
    • Monetize Loyalty and Expand Markets
    • Seize Growth Opportunities Through Partnerships
    Co marketing

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