They say that you are not truly rich until your money makes more money while you sleep. The same way, your eCommerce business is not truly successful until it starts selling round the clock.

Generating sales while you sleep is the ideal scenario for your business and you can achieve it if you plan your marketing automation accordingly. A number of businesses have done this and there are learnings from their successes, which can be replicated for your business too. Here are the top few of them.

Your goal must be to achieve complete marketing automation

The first step is to set in place micro-processes that continue to generate sales for you even when you are not actively campaigning for your business.

Fully automating your marketing will require you to do a lot of work upfront with progressively lesser effort as time goes on.

It is important to remember that it is not about a few impressive campaigns or a few well-placed advertisements. It is about creating a system with a solid discipline that enables you to achieve complete marketing automation.

Set smaller processes in place where each component of your marketing effort is automated

In the eCommerce space, setting up your marketing effort is a lot like creating a well-manicured garden.

Much like in gardening, when marketing your business, you perform actions today that will have consequences well into the future of your business.

It is a continuous process in which you initiate many smaller processes that work together organically to continually convert your visitors into customers in the long run.

Create an ideal customer journey that results in purchase

A typical marketing funnel has customers move through progressive stages: awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and purchase.

It is essential to create this journey for each prospect that comes across any of your marketing channels to convert them into repeat and loyal customers.

Like every piece in a puzzle is unique, so is every customer’s needs and the task of catering to those needs. But as technology goes, the tools at hand are far more advanced than before and it is much easier now than before to make those pieces fit.

Identify events and touchpoints for triggering automation

Achieving complete marketing automation is essential to generating sales while you sleep. Marketing automation involves automating workflows based on events and touchpoints.

There are different stages in a customer’s journey to purchase. These include different events like viewing a product page, adding it to their wish list or saving it to the cart. You could create different email workflows based on any of these events as triggers that will encourage your customer to buy the product.

The email could inform your customer of an offer on the product when they save it to cart. Alternatively, you could send them an offer with a coupon code on their next purchase. Identifying and setting up these different workflows will help you generate sales even when you are not attending to your store.

Generate leads through ads: implement the Pareto Principle

Once your marketing automation is in place, it is time for you to generate leads through advertisements. A typical eCommerce store places ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Google’s Adsense is yet another source. You could also use YouTube to post video ads.

However, the trick is you don’t have to invest in all of them, not at least after the first few times. To begin with, post ads on all channels for a few rounds to help you identify the ones that bring in the most prospects.

Make use of the Pareto Principle to identify the channels with the most voluminous returns for your ads. The Pareto principle states that, for many outcomes, 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. Identify the top 20% of ad channels that bring in 80% of your customers and continue to invest only in those channels.

You’d find that two or three of these channels bring in most of the leads that convert into a purchase. Double down posting ads on these channels and sparsely post on one other channel to cover all your bases. Before you know it, you will have a sizable clientele for your brand that generates sales round the clock.

Use available resources to boost your engagement

There are free as well as paid apps in the market that will integrate with your webstore to help you perform multiple functions like offer optimization, product recommendation and marketing automation. You need to choose the apps that best suit your needs and use them to automate repetitive tasks and functions. Towards this end, a product like Qubriux does it all for you.

Furthermore, you can use product description templates and presentation tools like Canva to help your customers easily understand what each product is about. This ensures that your customers are well-informed about your product specs before each purchase. These additional resources boost your customer engagement and help you generate sales that rapidly accelerate your revenue.

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