What is the size of your customer’s shoes? Do you even need to know this information unless you’re selling shoes? Nevertheless, if you are the one wearing it, doesn’t it become a pinching problem?

That is the crux of the customer experience conundrum faced by all SMB eCommerce owners. Your customer expects you to not only know their preferences, but to also tailor their experience in your shop based on this knowledge. This gets compounded because it is always one-is-to-one between your brand and your customer, irrespective of how many thousands of concurrent shopping sessions are live at any moment. The most difficult part of customer satisfaction is that you serve their individual needs rather than offer them a general free-size solution.

In a brick and mortar store, you have the opportunity to talk to your customers face to face. But when your customer arrives at your e-commerce store, the same is not the case. How are you going to bridge this extraordinary gap? Does this question keep you up at night?

The answer lies in smart customer engagement by the virtue of marketing automation.

You need to engage with your customer frequently to remind them that you exist. You can do this by automating emails, SMSes and sending them surveys to figure out their needs. With an application from Skellam AI, it is also possible to gamify loyalty and send them hyper-personalized offers.

There is an old story about a shoemaker and magical elves, in which when the shoemaker goes to sleep, friendly elves come out at night and stitch all the shoes for him. The next day, when his customers arrived, the shoemaker readily accepted the profits for the work the elves did for him.

With Skellam AI, there is a virtual equivalent to this tale in artificial intelligence.

In today’s e-commerce space, what an AI application does for a business owner like you is similar to what the elves did for the shoemaker in the old lore. It involves automating & personalizing customer engagement for enhanced customer experience. Take, for example, Qubriux. It is a customer engagement application that acts much like the shoemaker’s elves. It hyper-personalizes offers, discounts and surveys for your customers and gives them the satisfaction of the deal they wanted.

In your typical e-commerce store, there are so many customers browsing for products at the same time that it is difficult for you, the SMB merchant, to attend to each of them separately. That’s where the AI model comes in. It predicts at what discount offer price will the customer be encouraged to make a positive buying decision.

Based on the frequency of purchase, past purchase history and the keywords used to search, Qubriux, the AI application, makes decisions about the discount price for a given customer, for a given product, at a given time. It uses machine learning to process the training data and is able to predict customer behavior based on the data generated from millions of customer pathways to purchase.

Qubriux helps in upselling and cross-selling as well. All of which is impossible for you to do like it was for the shoemaker without the help of the magical elves. But left to the elvish Qubriux, more cart abandonments are converted to sales by running fully-automated email and SMS campaigns, with additional items sold. And each customer gets the discount he/she wants, thereby encouraging more sales.

When a customer visits your e-commerce page with a specific need, they are not just looking to buy something. They are looking to find what they need at the right price at the right time. With a strong AI application, it is as if each customer is attended to by their own personalized salesperson, who not only offers them the best price, but also reminds them that they could benefit from buying other products as well. Qubriux makes it as if the customer is visiting a real store, or at least makes it feel like the next best thing.

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