We wish you a Happy and Grateful Thanksgiving! We hope you are well prepared for an amazing holiday season in sales. In order to help you sweep all the stakes this holiday season, we have prepared a marketing calendar to engage your customers for the next few weeks.

Online shopping over the 2020 holidays in the United States alone grew 32.2% from 2019s, totalling $188.2 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. It is estimated to cross the $200 billion mark this year for the very first time. This is going to be the best year yet in online sales. Here are the days you should mark on your calendar to run intelligent email marketing campaigns to expand your sales volume.

Nov 29 – Dec 5: Cyber Week

Cyber Monday just extends into Cyber Week during which most businesses continue to offer deals to lure customers. The sales during the rest of the week may not match the sales on Monday, but it will still be more than sales during regular days. So, mark this week on your calendar. During this week, send emails with offers and discounts to keep your customers interested. This is also a good time to remind your customers to purchase items they have abandoned in cart during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Dec 5 – Dec 24: The In-Between Period

This may be a lean period compared to the previous week, but it is still guaranteed to bring you more sales than the rest of the year. You have three weeks before Christmas and you can send emails with offers that have countdown timers attached to them. Sending emails every week will ensure that you retain the attention of your customers. For items that take about a week in shipping, you can send emails a week before Christmas informing your customers of deals that come with free or reduced shipping costs. You could also include a last-date-before-the-deal-ends to encourage buying.

Dec 24: Christmas Eve

It is not a Super Saturday this year, but a Fabulous Friday. Christmas falls on the fourth Saturday of December and the Friday before is expected to be the day with the most aggregate online sales for the entire year. This is a very important day on your sales calendar. You should be sending emails to your customers with your best offers at least three days before this day. And keep reminding your customers on what they would miss out if they didn’t act immediately. Create a sense of urgency. This is the biggest sales day of the year.

Dec 25: Christmas

Presents, presents and presents everywhere! During this year’s Christmas weekend, you can expect a mega surge in your sales. You can seize this opportunity by reminding your customers that you have some of the best deals for them. Make sure you send them emails with deals on Dec 23, Dec 24 and Dec 25. Be sure to send them warm greetings sharing the spirit of Christmas.

Dec 26: Boxing Day

Although Boxing Day as a term is not popular in America, our neighbours across the northern borders in Canada celebrate this day by offering gifts to the poor. Mark this day for orders from the North as “winter is coming”. You can send emails with offers and deals preparing your customers for New Year’s Eve. Remember to add countdown timers to your deals. Stats show that deals with countdown timers convert twice as much than those without them.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

The week from Christmas to New Year is officially called Cyber Week II. This is your last chance to make a killing. This is a day worthy of being highlighted on your holiday sales calendar. Again, run those automated email campaigns with your best deals to your customers on Dec 31 and Jan 1.

Jan 1: 2022!

The New Year brings new tidings and by now you should have had a lot of holiday sales over the last two months. This is the last big day on the sales calendar that you should plan for. By now your email campaign should have fetched you a lot of sales. But that is no reason to stop sending those emails. Engage your customers with more deals and email reminders.

Jan 2: Still New Year!

This is a day reserved for late bloomers who buy or gift as an afterthought. Sales will start dipping after this day. But you should soldier on to fill in the purchase orders that will come through. Keep in mind that a strong email campaigning strategy with well-directed emails will help you collect the spoils even at the end of the holiday season.

And, that is it! These are the dates that you need to plan for beyond Cyber Monday. We wish you a great year ending in sales this year and an even better year ahead.

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