In the age of the internet, it is a tremendous achievement to just go to market with a product or a service. However, staying relevant with it in the sea of information white noise is yet another herculean task.

It takes time and effort to constantly put the word out on your product and hope that it reaches those who are in need of it. It is actually not unlike putting messages in a bottle and throwing it out onto the sea to find somebody who will respond.

This is why SMB merchants should not miss out on the opportunities to automate some marketing operations as consistency trumps a flash-in-the-pan campaign or viral idea marketing your product.

The top 4 Marketing Automation opportunities e-commerce merchants can consider in 2021 are:

Email Sequence Automation

This is one of the lowest hanging fruits.

Email automation tools give you the ability to send mails based on an event to your audience. These can be both transactional and promotional communications.

Emails still beat social media as the most effective channel out there! Emails have a high conversion rate of 46%. In order to reach your customer and engage them at the right time and in the right context, email marketing automation is the easiest option at your disposal. There are many free and paid email marketing tools available in the market that provide you simple-to-build workflows or sequences.

An AI product like Qubriux adds a layer of personalization and intelligence on top of such automation to ensure higher success rates of your email campaign. You can try Qubriux for free HERE.

Landing Page Automation

Your landing page for a campaign is like the storefront of a physical store. Potential customers with curiosity or intent arrive there after possibly having seen your ads or promotions. Therefore, landing pages are a key component in acquiring more subscribers or leads who were until then unaware of your ecommerce store’s existence. This is where you convert awareness into intent.

When a customer is at your landing page, you may consider introducing an AI chat-bot to interact with them and take them through the initial phase of signing up before you get them through their journey from a prospect to customer.

You should also consider linking your landing page and its form to your email marketing tool or CRM or marketing automation platform so that as soon as a user arrives at the landing page, they sign up to be a customer. This will enhance your customer experience by automating customer ID creation, segment identification, email ID verification, promotional campaign enrolment, etc.

Social Media Automation

You would already be posting about your product on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This should already be helping the discoverability of your product or service on the internet. It is essential to increase your social signals, which refers to your website’s collective shares and likes and overall social visibility as perceived by search engines for the sake of SEO. These activities contribute to the page’s organic search ranking.

Automation helps you run the marathon of consistent organic posting on social media. As a Small and Medium Business owner your time is always a premium. There are a lot of free tools that allow you to schedule posting, responses and even entire campaigns.

Automating your social media can be useful for executing a content plan which would help you meet new customers.

Marketing Analytics Automation

This is perhaps the most important component of your marketing that needs automation. Marketing analytics gives you information insights based on user behavior, numbers, traffic and all telemetry. It is based on what is happening within your product and outside your product. Automation of analytics happens when these insights are tied back to your CRM, marketing automation platform and email automation.

The data accrued by your CRM software can in turn be used to optimize customer engagement strategies thereby increasing sales. Qubriux does this easily. It creates segments out of email leads, pulls content from your product information and runs fully automated email campaigns.

Furthermore, it reads customer data on your website and anticipates the discount rates at which the next customer is prone to make a buying decision. Basically, it offers hyper-personalized discounts to each customer, thereby cutting down on the cost and converting more carts into sales.

Automation of marketing operations not only saves time, but drives business. It ensures top line growth and supplements bottom line results. It helps retain loyal customers and acquire new customers by catering to each one of them individually and not in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is no marketing strategy at all.

Well, these are the top 4 marketing automation approaches any merchant with an e-Commerce store must seriously engage with.

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