As an eCommerce business owner, your time is the most important resource that you have. And deciding how you divide your time by attending to the pressing needs of your business to the needs of your customers is very critical.

There are a lot of apps in the market that do just marketing automation or just surveys or just pop-ups. What you need is an end-to-end omnichannel marketing platform that converts your efforts into a growing topline. In this blog, you will learn how to make more sales while making more time for yourself and your business with such a platform. Read on.

Bring in the Traffic

You will need a special effort with your email and SMS campaigns to target your customers. You will have to set up multiple event-and-trigger-based campaigns to send promotional offers inviting your customers to shop with you. The best way to reach your customers would be to send them targeted emails based on their buyer personas. This level of personalization is not available when it comes to marketing automation tools that only do that. With Qubriux, setting up separate workflows is as easy as it gets. Additionally, you can set up multiple campaign workflows in only a few minutes.

If you don’t target every customer with a purchase intent at the right time, that sale might slip through the cracks. An important feature of this platform is the ability to segment customers based on their purchase patterns. Marketing automation and segmentation go hand in hand to create the best offers that have the most chance of converting. It can be difficult for you to boost your revenue without both of these capabilities.

Segment for Success

Some customers are price sensitive, yet others are bargain hunters, a subset of them are high value customers and a lot of them can be at-risk. Don’t send the same offer or email communication to all your customers. Segmenting customers based on multiple indicators like their frequency of purchase, average order value and preference for offer prices enables you to send the right offers to the right customers that have a higher chance of converting.

To achieve this, you need a smart tool that can segment your customers based on multiple combinations of parameters. You will then be communicating with the right marketing messaging to the different buyer personas in your email list. When you do this, you are telling your customers that you understand their needs and that they are valued.

Customers who come back to you because they feel valued will prove crucial to your topline. Segmentation will allow you to make your offer more relevant and enhance your customer experience.

Gain Actionable Insights with Surveys

Customers take time to fill in surveys from businesses if they are getting a personalized experience. When you collect zero-party customer data, it helps you gain insights that are otherwise inaccessible. You could reorient your marketing strategy based on the data you collect from your customers using surveys. This could be the difference between an ordinary sales cycle to a phenomenal one.

Creating and deploying surveys could be a time-consuming task. That’s why you will need a tool that has surveys integrated into its marketing automation capabilities. If you are going to be asking a lot of open-ended questions, you will also need one that has Natural Language Processing capabilities. That is, a listening tool that identifies positive, negative, and neutral customer sentiments based on your customers’ survey responses.

Having surveyed your customers and gathered insights, you can then create promotions that have the best chances of converting.

Increase Revenue with Gamification

Say a customer visits your website and buys what she wants. This is a success for you. Or, is it? A purchase is the highest return on your investment. But there is a way to push this return further up. To achieve this, you will need a platform that creates an offer on bundles of products rather than on just one product. And to top that, it gamifies the interaction for the customer, making for an amazing shopping experience for them.

Push up your average order value by gamifying your customer’s purchasing experience. This allows you to increase your net incremental revenue by many times over. Customers who wanted to buy just a pair of trousers have now bought a shirt and a pair of shoes to go with.It’s amazing what you can do with an end-to-end omnichannel marketing platform that has gamification.

An End-to-end Omnichannel Marketing Platform

If you are on Shopify, look up Qubriux. It is the only end-to-end omnichannel marketing platform with marketing automation, segmentation, surveys, network, gamification, pop-ups, web, and push notifications.

Qubriux automates all the parts of your marketing that help you save a lot of your precious time. It comes with powerful capabilities integrated in a tech stack that creates new revenue opportunities for your business.

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All you need is this one platform that covers your marketing from end to end and across all channels. To know more about Qubriux email us at